How Many Times Can My Child Use The Bathroom? (click on the title to read more)

As a class, we go to the bathroom twice a day.  The first time is around 9:35 (after PFA's) and the second time is around 1:35. 
Our lessons are built around this 'bathroom-break' time so it is very important that a student try to use the bathroom during this time period so they don't miss out on lessons being taught by leaving class another time during the day, unless they are sick and need to see the nurse.
Students can also use the bathroom during lunch and recess.
If there is an emergency, students can also ask the PFA teacher to use the bathroom, which is every day 8:35 - 9:35, except Friday.
If a student has a note from their doctor stating they need to use the bathroom more frequently due to a medical reason, then that will be arranged.