Missing Assignments (click on this title to read more)

Some of the homework is recorded in the online gradebook, but it is not used as part of their overall grade because the homework's purpose is to help the student learn, practice, and review the material.  In the grade book, this homework is simply marked "collected" (you will see a "check" symbol for that assignment) or "missing" if the student did not complete the work.
You can use your parent portal to view all grades and assignments for your child. 
Assignments and Absences:
When a student is absent, all missed work is expected to be made up. 
When your child is absent, email me at wczarnecki@emsd63.org (by 11:30) to let me know who to send any class work/materials home with (i.e. a brother/sister or neighbor).  Or if you want the work/materials to be sent to the office (this can be done by 2:45 usually).
All homework is posted on my website, except in cases where there was a substitute in my class.
Assignments (in class/homework):  If a student has an excused absence, they will be given the same number of days they were absent to make up the assignment.  (I.E. if a student is sick for two days, they will be given two days to make up the work). When the student shows me the missing work, I will change the score from 'missing' to 'collected.' 
Tests/Quizzes:  If a student has an excused absence, they will be given time during recess to make up any missed tests/quizzes.  It is the student's responsibility to remember to make up the test during recess.