How Can I Help My Child? (click on this title to read more)

Parents have many questions relating to the education of their child and I hope to address some of these concerns.  Each home has their individual routines, but I’ve noticed over the years some basic patterns help a child do their best.


Establish routines to support your child's success in school:

  • Set an appropriate bedtime
  • Monitor attendance by making sure students arrive at school on time and/or reporting absences
  • Supervise homework completion and daily reading
  • Encourage well-balanced diet (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Monitor grooming and hygiene
  • Monitoring students usage of digital media (cell phones, video games, computer, etc)
  • Let me know if your child is supposed to wear glases so I can be sure they are wearing them during class.


Certainly it takes time and patience after a tiring day but helping your child follow the above suggestions sends a message that they are important as is their education.