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Building for Success

In 2017, District 63 kicked off a master plan to expand programming and address several long-term space-related challenges.
Master Plan
  • Shift from a junior high to middle school model at Gemini and serve 6th-8th grade students (as opposed to 7th-8th grade students as it does currently). What's the difference? A junior high is just that: a kind of pre-high school. Classes, learning styles, and curriculum all mirror the high school model. A middle school, conversely, strategically focuses on pre-teens and their specific academic, emotional, social, and physical needs.  
  • Shift to a full day kindergarten. With more time in the classroom, kindergarten students will benefit from an expanded curriculum that focuses on the whole child - one built around discovery learning and inquiry-based purposeful play.
  • Give First Steps Preschool room to grow. Since 2008, the population has almost doubled and now tops 260, with continued growth projected. Currently, First Steps operates at Apollo, Melzer, and Washington Schools. With full-day kindergarten in place, our First Steps Preschool needs its own space - and room to grow.
  • Expand the Dual Language Program beyond grades K-4
Ultimately, these changes will enable the District to better serve its families and the community. Learn more about the plan, costs, and timeline.