• Before School Academy 2019-2020

    Returning for the 2nd year, we're excited to offer D63 families with morning care for their children!


  • Our Program

     We will continue to offer before school care at Washington and Apollo Elementary Schools and it will be open to K-5th grades D63 students. Apollo will serve students attending Mark Twain and Apollo, while Washington will serve those attending Nelson, Melzer, and Washington students. In conjuncture with our after-school program, the before school program will also foster wellness, academics, and enrichment in our youth. 

    If you are interested in a program that is flexible and offers quality care for your child, please give us a try. Our staff are both educators and individuals passionate about the development of youth making Expanded Learning programs a safe place for youth before school.

    NEW! This year, we are offering a Drop-In option for our before care program. This is ideal for those parents that need before school care sporadically throughout the school year. Registration is required for this option.


    Program Rates & Times by Location

    Apollo: $885 ⋅ 7am-8:15am

    Washington: $1239 ⋅ 7am-8:45am

    Students will be bused to their home schools in time for breakfast to be served, although breakfast is not included in this fee.

    NEW! 10 Day Drop-In Pass for Before School Academy: $100 ($10/day)


    Click here to view the 2019-2020 Program Guide!


    Financial Aid

    Financial Aid is available for families that participate in the free/reduced lunch program or receive a fee waiver through the district. Please contact Renee at 847.827.4137 or at expandedlearning@emsd63.org.

  • 2019-2020 Registration Form

  • Wellness. 



Before School Care - Washington