East Maine School District 63

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Qualifying for English Language/Bilingual Services

Qualifying for English Language/Bilingual services at District 63 is a multi-step process that begins when a new student enrolls in a District school. 
  • After enrolling, parents/guardians complete a Home Language Survey.

  • If the survey indicates that a second language is spoken in the home, the student is given state-mandated language assessment to determine English proficiency.

  • Based on assessment results, District staff determine whether or not a student qualifies for EL/Bilingual services.  

  • Students who qualify may be enrolled in the EL, Bilingual, or Biliteracy Dual Language Program, as appropriate.

  • As mandated by state law, each fall all students enrolled in these programs must take the ACCESS for ELLs® test, which measures their social and academic language proficiency. 

  • When a student receives the state prescribed minimum score to be considered English proficient -- 5.0 overall and 4.2 in reading and writing tests -- s/he is eligible to exit the ELL/Dual Language Program. 
Please note that parents have the right to refuse EL or bilingual services. Notify the school if you do not wish your child to receive these services.