Monitoring Student Progress in District 63

    Developed by the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC), a consortium of states, PARCC tests measure English language arts and mathematics proficiency using a common set of assessments for all U.S. students based on the Common Core State Standards. The goal is to give schools and teachers more information to support improvement efforts and personalize teaching to better guide learning.  All distiricts and schools within the state of Illinois are required to participate in the PARCC assessment.
    2017-2018 assessment results were sent home to parents early in fall 2018. Looking for help in understanding your student's scores?  Try these PARCC resources: 

    NWEA MAP Growth
    Northwest Evaluation AssociationsMAP Growth measures what students know and informs what they're ready to learn next.  By dynamically adjusting to each students' responses, MAP Growth creates a personalized assessment experience that accurately measures performance - with a focus on growth over time.  Students in grades K-8 take the MAP assessment, in both reading and math, during fall, winter and spring each school year.
    2018-2019 assessment results will be sent home to parents at the end of the school year once all testing has concluded.