Gemini Sports Program

  • Gemini Jr. High offers a full range of athletic programs for all eligible 7th and 8th-grade students. Each season runs roughly 6-8 weeks and allows students to participate in a variety of athletic teams. The sports that we offer are cross country, girl's volleyball, soccer, and 6th-grade volleyball in the fall. Boy's and girl's basketball, cheerleading, and wrestling are winter sports. Boys volleyball, girls softball, and track and field are held in the spring. The staff at Gemini Jr. High believe that athletics offers additional avenues for students to connect with the school site and to be part of our exceptional athletic community.

    Our sports program enhances the students experience at Gemini by fostering positive relationships with peers and staff while learning the lifelong skills of commitment, dedication, and teamwork. We encourage all students to increase physical activity and exercise and our athletic program is the basis of that philosophy. Together with coaches, players, and families, participation in athletics greatly adds to the character of the student and aids in developing successful young men and women.

Consent for the Agreement to Participate in Kinetic Wellness and/or Interscholastic Sports

  • In order to participate in either Kinetic Wellness classes or Interscholastic Sports at Gemini Jr. High, parents/guardians and students must acknowledge receipt of the Concussion Information Sheet. Parents/guardians and students will be asked to provide signatures on the Agreement to Participate. Parents will provide this information through InfoSnap our online registration system. Students will provide their signature during their first KW classes. 

    A sample KW/Sports Agreement and an IHSA/IESA Pre-Participation Exam Form are provided. 

Sports Tryout/ Practice Information