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Weather Watch Guidelines & Recess

Kids Snow

Watching the weather is part of the job for staff who work with children, and planning play outdoors is part of their daily routine. All educators know that they are responsible for protecting children’s health and safety while in the outdoor environment. 

Our goal is to have children playing outdoors in the fresh air as often as weather permits. Children need physical exercise and a change of sensory stimulation that the great outdoors can offer. With the appropriate clothing, children can go outside year-round in most climates. In the summer children will need a hat and layers of lightweight long cotton clothing. In the winter warm jackets, pants, hats, mittens/gloves, and boots are needed. Extenuating circumstances may provide an exemption from recess upon written requests from parents.    Principals use the Child Care Weather Watch chart daily to determine indoor or outdoor recess.    If your child is in need of winter clothing (coats, mittens, hats, boots, etc.) please contact your school office.