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Transmission of Records

Transmission of Records for Students

Student Transfer into D63

  • Within 14 calendar days after enrolling a transfer student, D63 will request directly from the student's previous school a certified copy of the student's record. The address and phone number of the previous school and the parent's signature will be pulled from the registration process.

Student Transfer out of D63

  • Upon the parent's request or that of the official records custodian of another school in which the student has enrolled or intends to enroll, within 10 calendar days, D63 will transfer a certified copy of the student's record (permanent and temporary) to the official records custodian of the appropriate school and retain the original records. This serves as notification to the student's parent(s)/guardian(s).

Student Transfer to Maine East High School D207

  • East Maine School District 63 falls within the attendance boundary of Maine East High School in Maine Township High School District 207. District 63 shares student performance and basic demographic information for 8th-grade students with District 207 for the purpose of course placement, special program eligibility, and supporting a student’s transition to high school. D63 shares data of those students whose parents or legal guardians have expressed intent to enroll the student in District 207 for 9th grade.

Note: see 105 ILCS 10/6(a)(3)