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Student Accident Insurance

District 63 provides a Student Accident insurance program that covers your child for injuries incurred while participating in school-sponsored and supervised activities, including all sports. This insurance is secondary to any other health insurance you may have, and if you have other health insurance, claims must first be submitted to that insurance company. It is important that your child immediately reports to the teacher, health clerk or office staff, all accidents that occur during the school day or going to and from school. With regard to reporting a claim, parents can call the Plan Administrator:

Neil H. Zevitz, RHU
312‐346‐7460 (Chicago)
847‐374‐0888 (Suburban Office)

Once a claim has been filed, a parent can check on the claim status by calling the Plan Administrator.

Because accidents also occur away from school, Neil H. Zevitz, RHU offers the following voluntary plans to all students at minimal cost:

  • 24-hour coverage – Around the clock accident coverage for your child anywhere in the world
    • Protection during vacation, weekends, and school days, as well as all travel
  • 24-Hour Dental Accident Insurance. Parents can enroll online at

Brochures and applications for these plans are available from the plan administrator. These plans provide secondary coverage and will pay benefits after your primary health insurance has concluded participation in the claim. If you have any questions, please call the Plan Administrator.