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Safety Drills

District 63 schools conduct a variety of safety drills annually to prepare students and staff in the case of an emergency. 

  • Fire drills (3 drills annually; one involving the local fire department)
  • Bus evacuation drill (1)
  • Lockdown drills (1 drill annually and must be performed within the first 90 days of school.
  • Severe weather/shelter-in-place drill (1)

There are two types of responses to potentially dangerous situations and threats - Suspended Schedule and Lockdown

  • A Lockdown is typically issued when an imminent danger/threat is present INSIDE the building or on or near school property. Students are secured in their classrooms and in locations throughout the building. No one other than emergency personnel may enter or leave the building until the lockdown has been lifted.
  • A Suspended Schedule is typically issued when a potential danger/threat is present OUTSIDE the building. A Suspended Schedule may also apply when school administrators and/or first responders need to keep students and staff in their classrooms and away from an incident or activity. No one is allowed to enter or leave the building except through the front office.