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Building Security

District 63 welcomes parents, families, and community members to our schools. All D63 facilities have limited and secured entry points for visitors. Those visiting must identify themselves before being allowed to enter the building. If visiting a classroom or other area of the school beyond the main office during school hours, visitors and volunteers must provide government-issued identification and undergo a background check. While in the building, individuals are required to wear a visitor’s badge at all times and abide by Board policy 8:30, Visitor to and Conduct on School Property. When outside organizations use D63 facilities, they must abide by Board policy 8:20, Community Use of School Facilities. Individuals and/or organizations who violate these policies will be banned from future use and/or visits to our facilities.

Other Security measures include:

  • Liaisons at each of these Police Departments for our schools - and a School Resource Officer (SRO) based at Gemini. The SRO assists school administration in maintaining a safe, secure environment.

  • Secure vestibules. As stated above, prior to being admitted to the building with a visitor lanyard, all visitors must go through security screening. They are then buzzed into the main office, and then buzzed out of the office into the rest of the building. Additionally, access to a school must be arranged and approved in advance.

  • Locked exterior doors (except the entrance to the lobby). All exterior doors are checked by our custodial staff throughout the day.

  • Security cameras at all buildings.

  • Law enforcement, emergency preparedness, and lockdown drills.

  • Emergency notification systems in each school provide quick contact with first responders, staff, and administrators.

  • A web filtering system that flags student content on school devices that might be of concern.

  • Social-emotional support. Social workers and psychologists are on-site in every school and a universal behavior screener helps identify students who may be at risk for behavior challenges like following rules and may need additional support.

We encourage parents who have concerns or seek additional information to contact their child's school.