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Student Fees: FAQs

How are fees established?  
Fees are approved every year by the Board of Education. They help cover a very small portion of the overall cost of materials and services for students. Review the fee list.

Do you take credit cards?
Yes. You can pay with a credit card online in your PushCoin account.  You can also do so at your child's school office.

When are fees due?  
Fees are due as soon as they are assessed in your PushCoin account.  For returning students, fees will be assessed soon after registration opens.  Fees for optional items (busing, athletics) will be assessed once participation is confirmed.  New students will be assessed fees and invoiced once their registration is approved.

We moved into District 63 in the middle of the school year. Do I still have to pay for the full-year registration cost?
Some fees are prorated based on when your child starts school such as Book / Materials Fee, Technology Fee, and the Universal Fee. 

  • If the student starts school between November 1 but no later than the end of February, the student will only have to pay two-thirds of the full cost of the fees.
  •  If the student starts school on or after March 1, the student will only have to pay one-third of the full cost of the fees. 
  • The amount due is automatically calculated and assessed in your child's PushCoin account.  

I believe my child is owed a refund. How can I claim it?

Please review our District's refund policy and procedures.   

What if my child qualifies for a fee waiver?
Please refer to our Fee Waiver Information