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CLEAR: Establishing Student Residency

Students attending District 63 schools must legally reside within the District’s boundaries. It is a criminal offense to enroll a non-resident student, except as allowed by law. Public school districts are supported by local tax dollars. D63’s per-pupil cost each school year is approximately $12,500, and falsifying residency is an added burden on our taxpayers. 

D63 checks residency using a public records database called CLEAR Batch. Here’s how it works:

  • Registration for the next school year opens early in April. Each March, the District runs the CLEAR batch program, incorporating all registered students. Once the CLEAR Batch process is complete, families may be required to submit additional residency information. This can happen for two reasons:
    • CLEAR Batch identified inconsistent or insufficient public records for that family
    • The family may have been randomly selected to provide additional documentation.

If we were unable to verify your residency, or you were randomly selected, you will be asked to provide proof of residency during registration.