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Additional Support

Additional PBIS Support

What if a child needs more support?
If a student needs additional supports, he or she will be referred to the PBIS Tier 2/3 team. These teams work with the classroom teachers and families to offer extra interventions to assist the student throughout the day. These can include Check In-Check-Out (CICO), Social-Academic Groups (SAIG), mentoring, and more. Students are identified for these additional supports through classroom and referral data as well as through teacher and parent input. If you think that Tier 2/3 interventions would benefit your child, please contact your child's classroom teacher.

What is CICO?
CICO is an intervention that includes a beginning of the day check-in and an end of the day check-out with a CICO coach, a teacher or staff member that has volunteered to work with the students receiving CICO support. Each student involved is given a CICO plan, which allows them to receive feedback on social or academic behavior concerns throughout the day. During the student’s day, he/she is given points for following expectations in each period/subject. The student works with his/her coach to set goals and reflect on the day. The CICO program helps students be reflective, build confidence, and to develop an additional positive relationship at school.

Here is an example of a CICO point sheet:
  Sample 1   Sample 2   Here is a video of what a CICO meeting looks like: