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 District 63 offers a wide variety of band programs serving students from 4th to 8th grade in our five elementary schools and Gemini Middle School.   

6th and 7th grade Concert Bands are open to beginning to advanced band students at Gemini Junior High. Participants learn many essential musical skills, including reading notes and rhythms, performing, working toward successful performances as part of a team, and listening to and evaluating musical performances. Concert Band also focuses on discipline, honesty, cooperation, and working with classmates towards a common goal and has fun doing it! 

Elementary Band is for 4th - 5th-grade students interested in learning to play a musical instrument. These students are in their preparatory stages of learning a wind instrument or percussion. In these first two years of their musical studies, they build a strong foundation of playing position, note reading, and playing in a musical ensemble.    

Gemini Jazz Bands are ensembles that play various styles of music, including jazz, rock, funk, and Latin music. Jazz Band 1 travels to at least two competitions and also performs at several other events each year. Auditions are required for entry to Jazz Band 1. Jazz Band 2 is open to any 6th-8th grade student who would like to participate.  

8th grade Symphonic Band is open to 8th graders who have played in 6th or 7th grade band or have experience in a musical ensemble from another district.  Beginning students are accepted on a case by case basis with the approval of the Director.  Participants build on fundamental musicianship skills, continue to develop ensemble skills, explore the role of music as an art form, and discover how music is used by different cultures as a form of expression. 

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