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Health & Safety Protocols

District 63 follows the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Guidelines for all exclusions from school, parent notifications, and reports.   At times, a student's illness or injury may require further medical attention or removal from school. In case of a severe student injury, a 911 call may be required. Paramedics will make the decision to transport them to the hospital. Every attempt will be made to inform parents in a timely manner. Parents must provide up-to-date phone contact numbers and emergency contact numbers. Parents may be asked to come to school and accompany their child home or to a physician in case of illness or injury.   

If Your Child Needs to be Sent Home from School for Illness or Injury - You will be contacted by the school nurse if your child has been injured or is ill and may need further medical attention. Persons on your emergency contact list have permission to pick up students without a parent.