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Health Office Procedures


Important - For the protection of our school community, it is necessary to keep your child out of school for at least 24 hours after a fever (without the use of medication). Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our school healthy!

Children should bring a physician's note for return to school after any serious injury, accident, illness, hospitalization, rashes, infectious diseases, or eye infections.

Phone calls will be made to parents of students who are marked absent and for whom we have not received a call. Sick children should stay home until they have recovered and are no longer contagious.

If Your Child Needs to be Sent Home from School for Illness or Injury - You will be contacted by the school nurse if your child has been injured or is ill and may need further medical attention. Persons listed on your emergency contact list have permission to pick up students in the absence of a parent.

Activity RestrictionsStudents may have a written parent request to be excused from any activity for three days, given a reasonable request. After that time, a written note from a physician will be required. Children who have casts, splints, or stitches may not participate in physical education activities or recess. Written clearance from a physician must be provided to return to these activities. Students who cannot participate in gym will also be restricted from participating in recess.

Homebound Students - Children who have had an injury or illness that will result in an absence of 10 or more consecutive days should contact the School Nurse for information regarding homebound tutoring.