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Our Food Philosophy

At OrganicLife, we believe in nourishing young bodies and minds with freshly prepared, nutritious meals each and every day. We are committed to bettering the lives of the students we serve, and we pride ourselves on being an innovative, attentive, and involved food service partner. For your students, we offer a wide variety of meal choices with a singular goal at the heart of what we do. To provide exceptional service and chef-driven meals that are better quality, better tasting, and better for you!

To that end, we:

  • Work directly with our purveyors and suppliers to ensure our foods meet specific goals relating to locality, ethics, and pesticides.
  • Incorporate wholesome, natural ingredients, and focus on foods rich in essential vitamins and nutrients such as fresh veggies and fruits; wholegrain breads, pastas, and cereals; low fat or non-fat dairy; and lean chicken, and beef.

  • Fine tune our menus to showcase healthful fan favorite meals that exceed all state and federal requirements while always listening and developing new recipes based on student body feedback and requests.

District Manager: Susan Goriel
Email: or
Phone: 847-493-8560

OL Cares
OrganicLife believes that focusing on the foodservice program is only one piece of the puzzle. We aim to be an integrated part of the school community at large, and we are always looking to support District happenings and community events. We donate our time, our services, our funds, and our friendly faces whenever and wherever we are able. We don't just do food, we do good!