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School Bus Safety Rules

  1. Be aware of moving traffic and pay attention to your surroundings.
  2. Dress properly for the weather. Make sure all drawstrings, ties, straps, etc. on all clothing, backpacks and other items, are shortened or removed to lessen the likelihood of them getting caught in bus doors, railings or aisles.
  3. Arrive on time at the bus stop and stay away from the street while waiting for the bus.
  4. Stay away from the bus until it stops completely and the driver signals you to board. Enter in single file without pushing. Always use the handrail.
  5. Take a seat right away and remain seated facing forward. Keep your hands, arms, and head inside the bus.
  6. Talk quietly on the bus. No shouting or creating loud noises that may distract the driver. Tablets, computers, smart phones, smart watches, and other electronic devices must be silenced on the bus unless a student uses headphones.
  7. Help keep the bus neat and clean. Keep belongings out of the aisle and away from emergency exits. Eating and drinking are not allowed on the bus.
  8. Always listen to the driver’s instructions. Be courteous to the driver and other students. Sit with your hands to yourself and avoid making noises that would distract the driver or bother other passengers. 
  9. Wait until the bus pulls to a complete stop before standing up. Use the handrail when exiting the bus.
  10. Stay out of the danger zone next to the bus where the driver may have difficulty seeing you. Take at least five giant steps (10 feet) away from the bus and out of the danger zone, until you can see the driver and the driver sees you. Never crawl under a bus.
  11. If you must cross the street after you get off the bus, wait for the driver’s signal and then cross in front of the bus. Cross the street only after checking both ways for traffic, even after the driver’s signal.
  12. Never run back to the bus, even if you dropped or forgot something.

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