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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How can I register my child for bus transportation?
Bus registration is available on-line as you register your child for school via the Parent Portal.  

I didn't need busing when I registered my child for school on-line but now I do.  How can I register for busing?  
Complete the Bus Registration Form and submit it to your school.  

My child needs to be picked up and dropped off at an alternate stop.  Can this request be accommodated?
As long as the alternate stop is within the same school boundaries, the student can be picked up/dropped off at an alternate stop.  Please complete the Bus Registration Form indicating the alternate stop (intersection)and submit it to your school.

How do I know if my child qualifies for free busing?
Students who live more than 1.5 miles away from their school or live near an intersection considered hazardous, qualify for free busing.  To see if your child qualifies under these conditions, please contact your school.

My child doesn’t qualify for free busing. How much do I have to pay?
The fee for the school year is $430.  The fee is the same regardless of when in the school year your child registers for bus service. 

Why is my child’s bus stop different than last year if we didn’t move and my child is attending the same school?  
While the District tries to keep the same bus stops from year to year, this may not be possible in all cases. Bus stops could change for several reasons, including the number of bus-taking students concentrated in a particular area and overall route safety and efficiency.  

We moved during the school year. How do I know my new bus stop?
Contact your school with your new address so all records can be updated.  You will receive communication on your new bus stop within 5 days of the school receiving the information.

Can we request an additional stop closer to my home?
Unless there is a safety concern, as determined by the District, we don’t add stops to a route.  Please realize that all routes and bus stops have been designed for the safety and efficiency of our transportation, ensuring on-time arrivals to school.  

If I register for busing, how long will it take to be assigned a bus and bus stop?
It takes three to five business days to route students that register for busing from the day we receive the completed Bus Registration Form.

The bus my child rides is constantly late to the bus stop or I have a complaint regarding the bus driver.  Who can I contact?
Please contact your school.