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Busing Guidelines

General Education Bus Transportation

  • Students must be at their stop five minutes prior to pick-up time to ensure the efficient running of the route.  A bus will not stop if students are not present at their designated bus stop.
  • We work closely with Safeway, relying on the company's expertise to create all our routes and stops within each route.  To maximize route efficiency, unless there is a safety concern, the District won't add stops to a route as that would jeopardize on-time arrival at school.
  • The District tries to keep the same bus stops from one year to the next; however, sometimes this is not possible.  Therefore, bus stops on the same route for the same school can change from year to year.
  • Safeway is not allowed to change a route or stop without approval from the District.
  • While riding the bus, students are expected to be courteous, keep the bus clean, cooperate with the driver, stay in their seats while the bus is moving, and keep their hands and feet inside the bus.

Special Education and Pre-K Bus Transportation

  • Only special education and Pre-K students whose individualized education plans (IEP) require transportation are able to ride our buses.
  • Pick-up and drop-off is at the student's home.
  • We advise students to be ready a few minutes prior to bus arrival.  The bus will stop at the student's home and wait three minutes for the student to come out to the bus.  The bus will leave if no student comes out within this period.