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Activity Restrictions PE / Recess

In PE due to Illness or Injury

Students who require any kind of activity restriction in PE due to illness or injury will be excused, upon written parent requests, for a period of up to three days. Recess participation will be restricted as well. Beyond that time, it is necessary to have a written request from the healthcare provider detailing the health concern, the extent of the restriction, and the date that full physical activity may be resumed. Children restricted from physical education by a healthcare provider (M.D., D.O., A.P.N., or P.A.) must have written authorization to be outdoors during recess. They will be confined to a designated “safe area” on the playground or will remain indoors with an adult in the main office during lunch recess and with an adult during school recess. Middle school students will be advised of activity modifications on an individual basis. Appropriate arrangements will be made for the student during recess and physical education. In addition, students restricted from physical education due to illness or injury also may not participate in school-sponsored sports/physical activity. Students with a physical education restriction in place from a healthcare provider must provide written permission to resume physical education in order to participate in the extracurricular activity. Students with, but not limited to casts, splints, sutures, boot, crutches or wheelchairs, may not participate in physical education, recess, or school-sponsored sports/physical activities until such appliance or sutures are removed and written clearance is provided by the healthcare provider. Students wearing soft splints and soft braces for preventative purposes may participate in physical education with written permission from the healthcare provider. Students on crutches or scooters or in wheelchairs must have healthcare provider documentation outlining parameters for use.

Requests for Exemption from Recess

Your child’s health is an important phase of the education program. Children need exercise and fresh air in order to keep healthy and alert. Our supervised playground is a safe and healthy place where your child can participate in a variety of activities. Students are expected to go outside for recess unless it is raining or extremely cold. The school makes that determination using the Child Care Weather Watch Guidelines.

Children recovering from an illness (no longer in an infectious stage) will be permitted to remain inside at recess time upon written request from parents for one-day only. Requests for longer than one day will require a statement from the doctor explaining why the child is well enough to be in school but is unable to be outside for a short time, the duration of the exemption, and the specific minimum temperature at which the student should remain inside. Unless we have a note from the parents (one-day only), or a physician we do not keep children in from recess. In general, it is much better that the children become involved in outside activities rather than to stay in the classroom the entire day.

Please send your child to school with appropriate clothing for the weather.