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Remote Learning Choice Boards

In the event that a student is absent, they may choose to engage with the activity choice boards, sorted by grade level bands, below.

  • Choice boards are not meant to replace in-class learning, rather, they are designed to keep students engaged in learning activities if they are able to do so while absent.
  • Completion of choice board activities is optional and not required by District 63, which means that work should not be turned into school and students should not expect grades or feedback from teachers.
  • Students and/or families still need to complete any in-class work that was missed due to an absence. Students and/or families may pick up any missed work after an absence by contacting the teacher(s) or the school's main office.

Important: Play the video below to see the best way to view a choice board. You will need to click on the "3 dots" and select "Enter full screen".

Preschool Home Choiceboard

K-2 At Home Choice Board

Preschool Choice Board (Spanish)

K-2 Choice Board (Spanish)

3-5 At Home Choice Board

3-5 Choice Board (Spanish)

6-8 At Home Choice Board