School Supply Lists

  • SuppliesStudents use a variety of school supplies in class every day. Some items are purchased by the district, such as the color-coded pocket folders your child uses. Others are purchased by individual buildings for student use. Families fill in with the rest of the items on the supply list. Students should have the following supplies in hand when they return to learning in mid-August. 

    Note: As always, kindergarten and first-grade students should bring a change of seasonal clothing that will be left in the student’s locker.


Gemini Middle School

Elementary Students: K - 5

  • As stated above, the supply list contains just some of the items students will use during the course of their day. Please print this complete list before you purchase your items.

    • Crayons
    • markers, including dry-erase markers
    • pencil case
    • pencils
    • erasers
    • pocket folders
    • spiral notebooks