• Director of Special Services 
    Assistant to the Director 
    Behavior Development Coach
     Korine Fiorito
    Special Education Facilitator
    Special Education Facilitator
    “Educational decisions ought to be based on assumptions which, if incorrect, will have the least dangerous effect on the likelihood that students will be able to function independently as adults.” Anne Donnellan  

Special Education at District 63

  • District 63 schools are committed to helping every student reach his or her potential. In accordance with state and federal guidelines, the District provides a full continuum of special education and related services -- including a special education preschool -- for those children who qualify and reside within the District.
    Our schools identify each student's needs and provide services in the least restrictive environment, as well as access to and participation in the general education curriculum as much as possible.
    Each school has a Student Services Team committed to problem-solving and identifying research-based interventions necessary to maximize student learning. Team members may include:
    • General and special education teachers
    • A psychologist
    • A social worker
    • A speech and language pathologist
    • A nurse
    • An administrator
    • Other staff as necessary.  
    Illinois law defines specific rights and procedures for special education; you can find this information in the Illinois State Board of Education's Educational Rights and Responsibilities: Understanding Special Education in Illinois.