Dear Mark Twain Third Grade Parents,

    Welcome to third grade!  First, let us thank you for your support.  You are the most important teacher in your student’s life and we appreciate your involvement in everything we do.   We are excited to get back to some normal school routines and learning.   We know that this will be a challenge for some, as many of our students spent last year in a blended learning environment.  To help us get off to a great start, below are some expectations for all third grade students and parents.


    • Do your homework every evening.  (You will usually have math.  Anything you do not finish in class should also go home for homework.)
    • Show your parents your Assignment Notebook EVERY night and ask them to SIGN IT. 
    • Practice your math facts every night until you know them well.  (You can also practice the count-by songs from math.  They can be found on the YouTube Channel called Have Fun Teaching.) 
    • Read for 20-30 minutes every night.
    • Come to class prepared each day with your homework, math workbook, pencil, Assignment  Notebook, and Take Home Folder. 

    Parents:  Please read our Third Grade Stars SMORE newsletters each month. The first one is copied and attached to this letter.  It includes important links and information for all families.  Some of the things that you will see linked directly on the newsletter are listed below:


    • Parent Portal (online): You can access your child's information online through the District 63 Parent Portal. Parent Portal link: takes you directly to the Parent Portal login page. If the link does not work, you can access the parent portal with this web address    https://powerschool.emsd63.org
    • Parent/Student Resources: District 63's home page and the Mark Twain School website have a Parent/Student resource library. 
    • Homework & Absences:  Students will have homework with Eureka Math, and Reading every night.  They will occasionally bring unfinished classwork in Writing, Science, or Social Studies home to finish.    


    • If your child is ABSENT from school:
      • You should contact the Mark Twain School office right away.  
      • If you would like them to continue working, they can move to the next lesson in the math book and read independently for 30 minutes. 
    • Please DO NOT WORK AHEAD in the math workbook...we use the book everyday in class for instruction.


    We appreciate your support in helping third graders GROW and LEARN together in this school year! 


    -Miss Oros-