• Sixth Grade Science!
    We have a very busy year of academic growth while we adjust to life in the Middle School!!  The three science categories we will study this year include Earth Science, Chemistry, and Life Science.  Science concepts are promoted through hands on experiments, analysis of results and application of science concepts.  This will include some of the ELA standards in reading and writing.  Technology skills will be an important part of our writing and general communication.  Practice in typing, as part of your homework, will be necessary in order to keep up with the writing requirements in this class.  All essays and presentations will be shared online with your District 63 Google account.  Communication with parents will also be through email.  The district has a goal to reduce paper use and build a "greener" planet.  I support that initiative through the use of technology for assessments, communication, and presentations.  This will help your child prepare for the college years ahead! 
    Mrs. Younan 
  • NO matter what the reason is for an absence during the school year, lesson plans will be accessible online to keep you informed of what you missed.  You should have all of the tools you need to complete the missing work as soon as possible upon your return.

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