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    Welcome to

    Mrs. Copeland's


    Gemini Middle School

        ELA 6th Grade 





    Week of March 30 ELA Choice Board

    Choose activities from the Choice Board to complete.  Please submit responses to Google Classroom or Seesaw.  


    Don't forget to mark your attendance 



    March 18th: 

    Type 2 chapters of your informational reading book



    E-Learning Assignment

    1.  Informational Writing Book

    (2 chapters)


    2.  Seesaw Journal Response


    3.  Google Classroom: 

    Short Story- Just Once



    Epic (online books)

    Epic is currently allowing free at-home access.  A parent should email Mrs. Copeland their email address and she will set up the account.  



    E-Learning Attendance

    Parents: Once your child has completed the designated activities, make sure to record his/her attendance on Powerschool.  Click the link above for directions. 



    Great America

    Read To Succeed Log 

    Due April 17th


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