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    Parents: Once your student has completed the designated activities, make sure to record his/her E-Learning Day Attendance through Powerschool.


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    7th  Grade Social Studies E-Learning Weekly tic-tac-toe Choice Board 

    (Week of 04/06/20) 


    • A copy of this week's assignment has been shared with you  in Google Classroom
    • Every student will complete the “TIC-TAC-TOE ENtry activity”.  
    • Once the entry activity is completed the student should choose three activities over the course of the week that give them tic-tac-toe. This means you complete three activities in a row diagonally, horizontally, or vertically.  
    • The student should highlight the activities in Green that they completed. 
    • The extension activity at the bottom is optional for those students who want to try a more challenging culminating activity for the week.
    • At the end of the week click “Turn In” to submit your work for the week.
    Choice Board

    Please email me your teacher directly if you have any questions!!!

    Essential Questions for this week’s Work - What can we learn from the flu pandemic of 1918 and Covid-19 crisis of today?  As we go through the current crisis, how can we ensure that we take care of ourselves and others during a crisis?
    Welcome to Mr Ballas' Social Studies Class!
    Think Hisotry
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