Mr. Welter's Social Studies









  • Materials Needed Daily
    A labeled two-pocket folder (specific to this class)
    Assignment notebook
    Charged Chromebook
    All assignments should be written down in each student’s assignment notebook on a daily basis.
    Assignments may also be found in the Calendar section on the class website. I encourage 
    parents/guardians to look through their child’s assignment notebook and follow their grades on 
    PowerSchool (link can be found on my website) in order to keep track of what is happening in our classroom. 
    Students are expected to complete assignments on time. If an assignment is not turned in on time, students are still required to complete the assignment.  Each assignment is due at the beginning of the class. On average, students 
    will receive social studies homework no more than twice a week. 
    In the event of an absence, it is the student's responsibility to find out what they have missed during their absence and complete the work. If a student misses an extended amount of time from school, arrangements can be made to send assignments home.