• July 2, 2020   

                                                           Welcome to Mrs. Turnbow's Webpage  




     Welcome to ESY summer school!


                                                           Google meet hangout session:    



    Folder work materials needed for today:  Content words, weather sheet, Journal

    Supplies needed for today:  Pencil, paper, scissors, glue




    We will follow a symbol supported schedule of five tasks:                    schedule

    1.  Welcome and weather

    2.  Recipe Review discussion

    3.  Math Story 1 and Math Story 2

    4.  Life Skill whole group activity #4 -- Presentation (Getting around the park)

    5.   Activity Boards--Peer socialization/goodbye

    Remember:  Continue to work on the Activity Board!  Follow the activites listed for the week.


    Group work:  Make sure to check your email for the other LIVE hangout session with your group: As ESY moves along, more details will come with your group!

    Orange Group -- Meets on Mondays

    Green Group--Meets on Wednesdays

    Yellow Group--Meets on Thursdays          


     Make sure to view the new News2You topic for the upcoming week!


     Dear Parent(s) and students in the Life Skills program,

    I am launching a program that allows students who participate in the Unique curriculum an opportunity to have paper copies of the activities.  If you are interested in having your child obtain copies of the weekly current events, you can pick up prepared folders at Gemini on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:00-12:00.

    If you wish to have paper printed copies of the News2You lessons for the current event topic and weather-related worksheets, you can pick them up at Gemini.  Just follow these steps to ensure a safe pick up of materials:

    1.  Please stay in the proper lane as you drive up to Door 1 at Gemini Middle School

    2.  Tell the staff member distributing the "free meals" at Door 1 that you are here for folder pick-up prepared by Mrs. Turnbow.

    3.  You will be handed a color-coded folder of activites for your child to complete at home.  Many of the activites allow for cut/pasting materials, scissor skill practice, and fill-in-the blank exercises using symbols and pictures that go along with the vocabulary words.

    4.  Keep a record of activities completed at home.

    5.  During Google Meet sessions, we will review the worksheets in a group and I will be able to see the completed work!


    Remember, you will not be returning the work or the folders back to Gemini.



    Please be safe and well during this time!  


    Unique Learning System

    *   Log in 

    *   Breaking News

    *   World News  

    Please see the current issues article 

    *   Write 2-3 complete sentences about this news article.  Here are some sentence starters:

    1.   The article is about __________________________.

    2.   An important fact is __________________________________.

    3.  After reading this article, I feel ________________________________.





    For the core activity please complete one calendar and weather report for the day. Continue to use your notebook to keep a weather chart for the week.



    Daily expectations for students in Mrs. Turnbow's class:

    1.  Keep a weather journal--use accuweather or wgn to record the daily weather in a notebook.  You can use the sample weather chart from the link above.

    2.  IXL math--keep up with daily practice math drills.  You should be working on IXL for at least 30 minutes per day.

    3.  N2y Library--please email me directly for passcodes if you need them.

    4.  News2You--Keep up with current issues or breaking news.  Write a paragraph about the topic using a main idea and supporting details.  Keep your paragraphs in a notebook.

    5.  News2You Spotlight--Read the current events "spotlight".  Keep up with the matching, writing, and sorting tasks in the folder-work from New2You.

    6.   You will receive homework during the video call sessions to reinforce the skills and concepts during these instructional time frames. Homework tasks will be checked at the beginning of the following video call session.


    For students and families: For additional work practice, please refer to your emails for more detailed work.  I am available between the hours of 9:00-3:00. You can contact me directly at     lturnbow@emsd63.org


    Please directly email me for passwords to the programs used in the classroom on a daily basis.  I can guide you through some tasks and opportunities at various levels of engagement!


    Parents:  Once your child has completed the daily activities, please take attendance via Powerschool.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email me directly at lturnbow@emsd63.org

    Thank you,

    Mrs. turnbow



    Best way to reach me is by email:  lturnbow@emsd63.org