• 4/13-17   Students: This week you will have some choice in the activities you complete for your e-learning. You will be using a choice board for each of your subjects.   Go to  https://www.emsd63.org/domain/1571 for access to see all of the choice boads for each subject or go to my Google classroom site for the 8th grade science board.
    • 4/9 Brainpop: Conflict Resolution
    • 4/8 Brainpop:Behavior   See GC for full instructions
    • 4/7 The science of Peer Pressure (Brain games) - check Google Classroom.
    • 4/6 Happy Monday! 2 EdPuzzles from Brain Games
    • 4/3 Happy Friday! Today's assignment is in EdPuzzle again. Instructions are in Google Classroom. Have a great weekend!                          
    • 4/2 Todays assignment is in EdPuzzle. Instructions can be found in Google Classroom.                                                                                 
    • 4/1 Todays assignment is on Brainpop. The instructions are in Google Classroom.                                                                                           
    • 3/31  NewsELA article: Four Forces on a Plane Do both activities                                                                                                                           
    • 3/30 Welcome Back - I've missed you!!! Today's assignment is a reading assignment. Please go to www.Physics4kids.com   In the Motion Basics section please read the Overvies, Forces, and Vectors sections. You will be amazed at how much the basic principles of phiysics play such a huge part in you daily life.                                                                                                                                                                             

     ****Complete assignment instructions can always be found in GOOGLE CLASSROOM

    Welcome to
    8th grade Science!

    ***  REMEMBER if you ever turn in late homework send me an email notice. 
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