• The Music Curriculum was designed with great thought and with the notion that every student will be motivated to learn.  The lessons are fun, innovative and will explore many aspects of music.  The students will learn how to interpret a musical score and be able to perform it vocally or instrumentally using pitched or non-pitched instruments.  The students will learn a variety of songs from the past and the present time and learn about many composers.  The song selections are all age appropriate.  The lessons created are aligned with the State Goals, National Standards, and keeping the Danielson Framework and SIOP Model in mind.  
    The main purpose for this music curriculum is to: 
    • Bring music into alignment with the Power Standards/State Goals and National Standards.
    • Provide innovative, creative and fun lessons.
    • To give every student the opportunity to express themselves musically through song and dance.
    • Enrich every student and to provide a positive learning experience.
    • To give every student the opportunity to come out of their comfort zone and perform. 
    • Strengthen music education as a core academic subject.
                                                                                    piano hands