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  • Welcome to Ms Liese's English Language Arts Class!

    Ms. Liese
    Good Morning
    Friday,April 3rd,2020
    We will be completing our teen activist paper and webpage or google slides . The due date for your teen activist paper is Friday, April 3rd and the website or google slides will be due
    April 9,2020 (checkout google classroom for more information).
    We will have class meetings once a week.
    Period 1/2 will be meeting every Tuesday from 10:00-10:30 
    Period 5/6 will be every Wednesday from 10:00-10:30 A.M. and
    Period 9/10 will meet on Thursdays from 10:00-10:30 A.M. 
    If at anytime you would like to meet one on one please email  me and we can set up a time and day. I look forward to seeing you and helping in any way I can. Ms. Liese
    If you need a book to read check out this link