What is Surrealism?

    Follow the link above to explore a webpage/video @ Surrealism

    This drawing will relate to the work of Surrealist artist Salvador Dali.

    *Create a drawing that blends two things together that don’t usually belong (like a lobster and a telephone).





    *Develop a “rough draft” drawing to get your ideas on paper.  Don’t get caught up in details, just get ideas on the paper.  Email me sketches if you like for feedback

    *Once your idea is solid in your mind and your sketch is finished, begin a final drawing.

    *Projects are to be turned in by Monday April 6th at noon. Use your time wisely and focus on your ideas.  Color blending or pencil shading as always, fill the page and create an interesting composition.

    Please email me sketches or just concepts ideas and I’ll provide feedback.




     Please feel free to email me at twarchol@emsd63.org with any questions or concerns

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