School Safety

  • The safety of our students and staff is a top priority at District 63. While recent events sometimes make us feel that no safety measure would ever be adequate, the District does work closely with the Police Departments of Cook County, Morton Grove, and Niles to assess, evaluate, and develop safety and security measures.

    Procedures are in place that limit access to all of our schools. All visitors must be buzzed in and go through a security screening before gaining access to the rest of the school. Other safety measures include:

    • Security cameras at all buildings
    • Law enforcement, emergency preparedness, and lockdown drills
    • Emergency notification systems in each school that enable quick notification of first responders, staff, and administrators.
    • A technology filtering system that flags student content on school devices that might be of concern.
    • Social emotional safeguards

    We encourage parents who have concerns or seek additional information to contact their child's school.