Who: The district will send you an email at 9:00 am. 

    What: Please complete the work assigned by your teachers.

    When: E-Learning takes place in the month of April, May, and part of June. The last day of E-Learning will be June 10th. There will be no E-learning on Friday, May 8th, Friday, May 22th, and Friday, June 5th.

    Where: The work should be done at home using many online apps,google drive and website. Don't forget to email me your completed work at hshah@emsd63.org


    Do Not Forget: Please remember to fill out the E-Learning attendance form. Click here for directions on how to complete this form.


    Please click on the links below for ELL activites: If you have any questions as you work through these links, you can email me at hshah@emsd63.org from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

    ELL Choice Board Primary 

    ELL Choice Board Intermediate

    Language Enrichment Activities in Multiple Languages

    International Digital Children's Library


    Extra Activities:


    1) Please listen and read the books each day.

        Scholastic Learn at Home

    2) Watch a book on Storyline Online and then try to make your reading sound like the book you heard.

    3) Reading Comprehension


    Speaking and Listening

    1) Have a converation about the book you are reading. Use these questions and sentence starters. 

        Questions and Conversation Starters

    2) You can play the Speking and readign game online Here.

    3) You can play the listening and reading game online Here about the weather. 

    For meal pick up during school closing please click here for details on our district webpage.