• Attention Students and Families: Click here to access your e-learning activities on Google Classroom.  The expectations for each day are also listed below.  If you have any questions as you work through the activities, you can email me at  atrela@emsd63.org from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00p.m.    

    Monday 3/30

    1) I have sent you a link on google classroom where Ms. Trela explains the answers to IQWST 6.4 assignment.  Please listen to the reasoning and make adjustments to your documents.

    2) Add Thermal Energy to your Physics Vocabulary Word Wall document in your google drive.


    Tuesday 3/31

    1) Friction & Thermal Energy Nearpod - I have sent you the link on Google Classroom.


    Wednesday & Thursday 4/1 - 4/2

    1) Sound Energy Document on Google Classroom.  It is divided into 6 parts. You can complete 1 - 3 on Wednesday and 4 - 6 on Thursday.  You can also complete parts 1 - 6 all at the same time.


    Friday - 4/3

    1) Sound Waves and Animals document on Google Classroom.  You will be able to choose an animal from the list to explore how they utlize sound waves.


    Previous Assignments:

    Wednesday 3/18

    Complete the Ramp Reflection Assignment.  More directions are attached in google classroom

    Thursday 3/19

     1) Read the Thermal Energy Article sent on google classroom from Ck12.org

    2) Please complete IQWST Physical Science Activity 6.4 - You access this through IQWST on your classlink portal.  Click Physical Science, Lesson 6.4 - use your knowledge from the thermal energy article.


    Parents: Once your student has completed the designated activities, make sure to fill out and submit the attendance through the PowerSchool Portal.  Here are the directions:  E-Learning Attendance Form/Formulario de asistencia del día de aprendizaje electrónico.



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