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  • How does a student get into the ELL Program?

    When a child is registered for school, a Home Language Survey must be completed.  This survey asks if there is more than one language spoken in the home.  If the answer is 'yes' on the survey, the state of Illinois requires that the child be tested to determine if they qualify for ELL support in school. If a child qualifies, a parent notification letter will be sent home.  At this time the child will be entered into the ELL program.

    A parent has the right to refuse ELL services, but will still be considered ELL under the state guidelines and will have to take the ACCESS test. Please call the ELL department if you have any questions about the right to refuse ELL services.

    How does a student exit the ELL Program?

    In the winter, all students who have qualified for ELL services will take the State ACCESS Assessment.  This test assesses students' proficiency in four language domains; reading, writing, listening and speaking.  Parents will receive the results of the ACCESS test at the beginning of the following school year.   

    In order to exit the ELL Program, students will need an overall proficiency level of 4.8.