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    The link for the extra practice you may need to work towards your IEP goals is listend below.  Please complete your teachers choice boards before attempting these activities. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IQTKYQTjF4WmizjsC0UJU85E1Ovat6gnMXATj07TrYw/edit?usp=sharing

    I miss all of you guys and wish I could see you.  Please feel free to email me at jrey@emsd63.org even if it is just to chat.  Or send me a google hangout between the times of 9am - 3pm (Monday - Friday) and I would love to catch up/chat/provide support as needed.  I hope this week goes well for you, and I am here if you need me.  Hopefully this all passes soon :) Lastly, I Hope you all have a very enjoyable, resetful summer break while staying safe! Please reach out if you need me for anything. HAPPY SUMMER :) SEE YOU IN 8th Grade :) 


    A few reminders: 

    Don't forget to have your parents or you fill out the E-Learning attedance form at the top of this page. 

     Emails have been sent to all your accounts as well as your parents. 

    Advisories we will meet in a google hangout every Monday Morning @ 11am.  I will send invites to your emails for a Google Hangout.  Check frequently.  

    Mr. Rey's resource class will meet Wednesday's @ 11am.  Invites have been sent to your email accounts. 

     Most importantly: Email me at jrey@emsd63.org should you have any questions. 


    Miss you all everyday, 


    Mr. Rey 




    Mr. Rey - 7th Grade Resource Special Education

    (Please refer to my meet the teacher page with any questions) 


    Room/Office: 2315

     Gemini Middle School

     Email: jrey@emsd63.org


    For E-Learning resources please see the attached activities page!