• Welcome
    Welcome to the Washington Elementary School Art Room! 
    My name is Ms. McNealy and I am excited to be your art teacher this year! Over the year, we will be learning about a variety of art techniques, art history, and art mediums. We will explore our creativity, use our imaginations, and discover our inner artists. 
    All of our students are being encouraged to AIM, RESPECT, and TRUST in the art room this year. We are also 'READY TO CREATE', even though sometimes our projects may be challenging. Every student is asked to remember that "Creativity takes courage"... but I am BRAVE!
    Your support is appreciated and I look forward to having you all as a part of our art community. You can find our works in progress, and our finished works, on the Art Seesaw account, as well as the walls of the school. Make sure to look around when you stop in!
    Please feel free to contact me at rmcnealy@emsd63.org