Student - Parent Handbook

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    Student/Parent Handbook
    This handbook is a summary of the school's rules and expectations and is not a comprehensive statement of school procedures. The Board’s comprehensive policy manual is available for public inspection through BoardDocs. The Student/Parent Handbook, as well as School Board Policy 7:190 Student Behavior, will be provided annually to both students and parents.
    I understand that the Student/Parent Handbook and School District Policies may be amended during the year and that such changes are available on the School District website. 

    2020-21 Handbook

    The 20-21 student/parent handbook is now available. Due to COVID-19 some procedural pieces in the handbook may be different for a short time. However, contact information, student expectations, and other valuable pieces of information pieces are still available. For specific information related to our remote learning please see the Safely Back to School Plan section on our website.