Welcome to my webpage!

    • Hello East Maine Families!  My name is Veronica Spiratos, and I am the School Psychologist for Melzer Elementary K-5 Students!
      As a school psychologist, it is my job to make sure all students can be successful in school. I am someone who works with teachers, administration, and families to help students be the best possible versions of themselves. I want to get to know my students and their families so I can figure out the best way to make their school careers successful and work with students to be confident, life-long learners. My goal here at District 63 is to make all children feel welcome and safe, be an advocate for my students and families, and help my staff have a great school year.
      In collaboration with others, my role is to help our K-5 students and staff successfully:
      -Support Diverse Learners
      -Improve Academic Achievement Outcomes
      -Promote Positive Behavior and Mental Health
      -Create Safe and Positive School Climates
      -Strengthen Family-School Partnerships
      -Help Families Connect With Community Resources
      -Improve School-Wide Assessment and Accountability