• Now in its fourth year, more than 50 students participated in the 2019 Winter Card Contest. Our gallery showcases the winning entries!

    Card Design Contest Winner
    Maryann Zamora
    Gemini Middle School, 8th Grade
    Best in Kindergarten
    Mehaa Sravana
    Mark Twain School
    Best in 1st Grade
    Anna Paskova
    Mark Twain School
    Best in 2nd Grade 
    Krutanjali Patel
    Melzer School
    Best in 3rd Grade
    Julie Lov
    Melzer School
    Best in 4th Grade
    Dev Darbar
    Nelson School
    Best in 5th Grade
    Annmary Jaimy
    Melzer School 
    Best in 6th Grade
    Samantha Shipkin
    Gemini Middle School