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Technology Vision Statement

Instructional Technology

We envision using technology to further a learning community where:

Students are engaged in a challenging curriculum that is focused on inquiry-based, hands-on learning. Students are comfortable using technology. Students take responsibility for their own educational success.

Teachers use technology to support all learning across the curriculum. They function as coaches, mentors, advocates, and managers of information. Through on-going, comprehensive professional development, all teachers acquire the knowledge and skills to integrate technology into a challenging and interdisciplinary curriculum which addresses students' specific needs, developmental levels and learning styles.

Administrative functions, including those performed by instructional staff, are fully automated, thereby allowing more of the school system's energy and resources to be focused on student education.

The schools become an environment where all students and staff have ready access to a full range of current technology, software tools, and applications. The schools have knowledgeable staff and external resources (such as parents, community members, business, higher education, and network resources) to further the curriculum goals.