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Educational Program

At District 63, our rigorous, comprehensive system of curriculum, instruction, and assessment fosters academic success. Students receive instruction in the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to prepare them to be college and career-ready.  

  • Through reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language our students demonstrate independence, build strong content knowledge, and use technology and digital media.
  • In mathematics, students develop a set of math practices including the ability to reason abstractly and quantitatively, make sense of problems, and persevere in solving them.
  • Essential concepts and knowledge of our world are taught through social studies and science programs. Social studies and science instruction is facilitated through an inquiry approach and focuses on geography, economics, history, political systems, and human behavior. Science emphasizes important concepts of life, physical, earth, and environmental sciences.
  • The health curriculum provides students with essential information about physical wellness and encourages good health practices. Topics include public health, human growth, and being wise health consumers. The drug education component teaches students about substance abuse and how to deal with peer pressure related to drug use.
  • Students use technology to learn about their world and to use communication skills. In addition to book collections, each school's library/learning center has computers and telecommunications resources. All students use educational computer programs in the library and classroom to enhance their learning.
  • Students participate in comprehensive art, music, and physical education programs. The art and music programs stress production, but also include art and music history. Physical education focuses on physical fitness, team sports, lifetime health activities, and physical skills.
  • District 63 recognizes its racial and cultural diversity as one of its strengths. Our Bilingual/English as a Second Language (ESL) Program provides extensive opportunities for students to receive support as they become proficient in two or more languages. 
  • Electives include instrumental music in grades 4-8; at Gemini (grades 6, 7-8), students have access to Spanish, music/drama, and life skills management courses. These programs give students opportunities to explore, develop, and use specific talents and abilities.