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Success Without Boundaries: Strategic Planning Process 2023-2024

Charting Our Course: An Overview

During the 2023-2024 school year, East Maine District 63 will shape its future through an in-depth strategic planning process. Working closely with Educational Leadership Solutions (ELS), which has extensive experience in leading strategic planning initiatives, D63 will define its vision, mission, values, goals, and strategies for the next three to five years - with a focus on ensuring that our students continue to achieve success without boundaries.

Our process will be guided by a core Strategic Planning Team comprising Board members, District administrators, staff members, parents, and members of the broader community.  Together, team members will explore:

  • Why we exist as a school district - what purpose do we serve?
  • What we value - how do we function (or behave) on a day-to-day basis?
  • Our vision - where is D63 headed in the future?
  • Our goals - what steps will be take to reach that future?


February 2024
On February 7, the Leadership Team regrouped to  review the final vision statement and core values. They also heard from administrators about the "current realities" in teaching and learning, human resources, finances and facilities, technology, and communications. The Team then broke into smaller groups and developed draft goals for all five areas.

Following the meeting, Team members were surveyed on all elements of the plan addressed thus far - mission, vision, beliefs, and goals - in order to ascertain whether or not there was consensus among the group. 

January 2024
Our work kicked off on January 17 with a meeting of the full Leadership Team. On the agenda: a review of the strategic planning process, as well as the District's current mission - empowering all students to succeed in a changing world - and tagline - success without boundaries.  The group reviewed survey results, and began thinking through a District vision, that is, where are we headed and what do we want to become?

A second meeting on January 24 focused on drafting a District-wide vision statement and defining our core values - from equity and teamwork to respect and achievement.

December 2023
The District built a Strategic Planning Leadership Team, comprising more than 45 parents, staff members, Board members, students, and community leaders.

November 2023
Our Community Feedback Survey, open to parents, staff, and the community, ran in November 2023. More than 500 respondents shared input about the District and the results will help guide the Strategic Planning process.