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    I am Ms. Czarnecki, currently a 5th grade teacher at Apollo School.  Last year I taught at the 4th grade level at Apollo. Before taht, I worked at Mark Twain School for over 14 years.  While at Twain, I was a 6th, 5th, and 5/6 grade teacher.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my years working at Twain, with the staff, parents, and especially the hard-working students.  While there, I've had students from my class win the Niles library "Reading Challenge" competition, place into the accelerated reading class at Gemini, and many of my (6th grade) math students have placed into advance math (skipping 7th grade math and placing into Pre-Algebra, Algebra I,  Algebra II, and one even placing into the Geo/Trig Accelerated class at the high school), all as 7th graders at Gemini. Before coming to Mark Twain, I worked in Evanston for 17 years, teaching at the 3rd, 4th & 5th grades. While teaching in Evanston, I co-chaired various committees:  student council, Battle of the Books, Continental Math League competitions, the creation of a Memorial Garden and the school's bookroom while also serving on district-wide committees: CAC (Curriculum Advisory Council) and math textbook adoption committee. I have a B.A. in Elementary Education from the University of Illinois and a Masters in Education in Interdisciplinary Study/Curriculum and Instruction from National-Louis. 

    Beyond teaching,  I have three adult children who are all attending college. Isabella has finished her 4 year degree (Social Work) and has just finished her masters degree (Community Service), and was recently hired as a Health Cooridinator for the county she lives in.  She is married and her husband is serving the military where they live.  My son Elijah has finished his 4 year degree (Economics) and has just finished his masters in Business Administration.  He will be entering the Air Force within the next few months. My youngest Rebekah will be starting her 4th year as an undergraduate, studying music performance for the French horn.  

    I love having pets....I used to have a rabbit named Lily and a dog named Ginger (pictured here), but they passed on and are no longer with me.  :(    I also had a hamster named Cowboy, who really should have been named Houdini because he had escaped from his cage three times!   Sadly, he is no longer with me.      (Hover your cursor over each image)    

    I now have 2 rabbits...Eeyore and Clementine.                                     




    Lily hanging out behind her cage Ginger

    My kids love each other!!  :)  (Elijah, Rebekah, & Isabella)